Marine Leather Work

Whatever kind of boat you own it will always require some sort of protection on moving parts from chafe and UV damage. Comfort and touch is also an important factor. Leather has been used on boats for many hundreds of years because of its longevity and durability. Modern chrome tanned hides are particularly effective against the ravages of sun and salt water.

Our marine leather products include: (this is not an exhaustive list)

Mast spreader end covers.

Protect your yacht sails from chafing on your spreaders by fitting leather spreader end covers.

Bottle screw covers.

Protect your mast’s rigging screws from wear and tampering with leather covers.

Steering wheel gloves.

Giving your yacht’s steering wheel a leather cover will not only enhance the look of the wheel but will give a firmer grip when either wet or dry.

Gaff jaws.

Lining your gaff jaws with leather reduces wear on your mast and helps with lowering and hoisting of the gaff.

Spinnaker pole grips.

Your bowman will love you forever when you fit leather grips on your poles. Reduce mast and pole wear and give better grip when gibing in a blow.

Running backstay and genoa block covers.

Adding a leather cover to your runners and genoa blocks helps reduce chafe on rigging and sails.

Boat Cushions.

A variety of fabrics available as well as leather.